About Us

Take Five Ltd. ("TFL") was born out of a passion for health conscious, environmentally friendly and innovate foods. Holger Eiselt, the founder and CEO of TFL opened his first store in 2004 located inside the Washington Mall called H20. The brand's focus was on providing healthier food and drink options in a quick serve restaurant model, a concept that was underserved in Bermuda at that time.


Since then, the group has consistently grown using the health conscious, environmentally friendly, and innovate food philosophy to guide its growth and expansion. Now, TFL operates several Buzz quick service restaurants island wide, Devil's Isle and Village Pantry dine-in restaurants, a TFL Catering company, Devil's Isle Coffee Roasting Company and Island Pantry grocery store.


The company's brands continuously strive to remain innovative with a focus on providing healthy but delicious foods and great drinks. TFL strives to positively influence the taste palates of its customers and the island's food culture as a whole.


Please drop in to any of TFL's locations and take five with us.


Vision Statement

Building healthier communities with nutritional choices.


Mission Statement

Our mission is connecting people to wholesome quality nutrition through innovation, education and creativity while being environmentally conscious.



Take Five Ltd.